This is an example of an eportfolio that resembles the type of online portfolio component ISUComm students create in English 250 to showcase their work. Students use this eportfolio as an opportunity to reflect on their communicative processes–that is, in the written, oral, visual, and electronic modes of communication (WOVE)–and to either demonstrate how they improved throughout the semester or as an opportunity to showcase their best work.

In browsing through these pages, both ISUComm students and outside visitors can learn more about the still very new concept of the eportfolio by seeing what one looks like and how generic components are arranged. The intention behind this is to aid students in their e-composing process and encourage engagement with (as well as critical questioning of) this new media genre.

If you have any questions for the author of this example eportfolio, please contact its creator, ISUComm Instructor Jackie Hoermann, at hoermann@iastate.edu.



For more information on the eportfolio and examples, read pages 60-64 in your student guide.

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