Introductory Reflection

An introductory reflection letter or essay will appear on the second page, and may be copied directly onto the page or uploaded as a document. For quick reference, the instructions for this section are included below:

Part I.       Introductory reflection letter or essay

The purpose of this opening reflection is to think back over the semester and re-examine with new eyes the communication work you’ve done in English 250 in order to assess your growth as a communicator using the WOVE modes.  Write your overall reflection in the form of either an essay or a letter (addressed to your instructor or a future employer), using the questions below as a guide to help you generate ideas.  (You don’t have to address all the questions and may add information not included in the questions.) Note: Whether you decide to structure your reflection as a letter or an essay, it should include an introduction, conclusion, and examples from your work.

Communication habits/processes

  • How have your composing processes become more sophisticated since you began the course?
  • How do you go about generating initial ideas for pieces you’re composing, as well as the details and explanation needed to develop and support those ideas?
  • How do you draft and revise your compositions?
  • How do you use others (peers, instructor, friends, family, etc.) to assist you in making effective revisions?
  • How have you improved your editing process?  What are your typical problems with mechanics and what kind of progress have you made with these?
  • Which of your composing habits have remained the same during this semester and why?  Which have changed and why?

Communication development

  • What talents or strengths do you possess in the following areas?
    • W—writing  (context, substance, organization, style, delivery)
    • O—oral (interviews, large group discussions, small group discussions, presentations, etc.)
    • V—visual (Place or artifact analysis, brochure, etc.)
    • E—electronic (word processing, e-mail content, ethical use of the Internet and electronic images, etc.)
    • What new discoveries have you made in these areas?
    • In which area(s) do you wish you’d been able to do more?

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